Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lessons from Sports Day!

With nation struggling to look for peace, unity and discipline I believe this can be one of the most learned experience for any individual who was attending this event. Surely one of the memorable events for me, I was attending the sports day of my 9 year old child at Habib Girls School. It started off dot on time, and though initially I felt like sitting bored, but very soon I felt the time machine working on me, getting me back to my school days. Soon the event started off and it was simply amazing to see such a presentation from these kids.
It started off with the national anthem, and we were asked to rise on this occasion. The rise was random and it seemed that few people found difficult to give such pride to the anthem. It started off with great enthusiasm but only from the kids. Most of the parents were struggling with the right recitation that was surely a sign of pity for us. If one can call back the words of our national anthem and its meanings then these are simply amazing. It has really great depth. The first line says “Blessed be the sacred land” and it ends with “Symbol of Almighty’s protection”. And between these two lines, all praises for such united, disciplined and brotherly nation. I wished we can invent a device to transfer true meaning of our anthem into our brains and hearts forever.
Qirat of Surah-e-Fatiha both in Arabic and English was then performed. The English version really made me realized if we really seek for such mercy and guidance from Allah 5 time a day. And still it never seems to work on us; surely a sign of dooms day.
The initial parade and drum presentation were simply amazing. The effort of two months of practice was really showing off in the form of huge applauds that student’s received after this part. The timing and synchronization was excellent. I thought if we as a nation can be so synchronized in our thoughts, then we can really change the complete outlook of this nation.
It was then the ground presentation and kids ranging from 9-11 years displayed a unique show of aligning into different shapes. The first one was of unity, being the theme of the day. Second it was school’s name, and then it was a smiley face to greet and face all the difficulties with smile. Last presentation was stopping one at red light of traffic signal; the message being that we at school teach children where to stop and where to sprint in this road of life. It was simply an amazing exhibition of basic level concepts with such simplicity.
The sprint, relay and skipping races then started and it was a real display of true spirit and enthusiasm from kids. In sack and skipping race I can see children falling down on the ground, gathering themselves again, running again, and struggling hard to cross the finish line. It was really a good lesson for us as adults. There are only three persons whom can come first second and third, but all that matters for others was getting to the finish line. And we never want to get to the finish line, until we are one of the three people.
The end was very unique and an expected one. Just when the last speech was started by the special guest, people started leaving there seats, creating a complete commotion on the ground. Ah! That was expected.
I really hope that we as adults go back in past, and extract some basics learning methods, that can help us in serving a much better individual, contributing positively for our dear homeland.
Godspeed Pakistan! 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreamless Night

A dream is your path for future. It webs you ambitions to reach new limits. It depicts your emotions. There is no finding that Venus dream more than Mars, so it remains gender-free activity. It is something in your mind, a neural process that occurs in your sub-conscious mind. People get transformations out of their dreams to make conclusions. Prophets have dreams that always carry some message for them. In all the cases dreaming is a method of communicating with your sub-conscious mind.

In 2010 Pakistan faced toughest challenge in the form of flood that swept across the complete country. It shattered everything that can come in its way. Water currents can be the most disastrous thing that could happen when it comes to calamities and force majeure. So did it really shattered houses, canals, roads and crops only? Not really, it actually shattered our dreams for a better Pakistan. It didn’t swept houses; it swept Pakistan back by almost 50 years. Can one imagine that at certain point almost one fifth of total pakistan area was under water, effecting 20 million people. It was worst monsoon rainfall in last 80 yeas. The statistics goes on, but one can see that after effects would be more of a concern for us as a nation.

Most importantly what has been shattered is priceless? The dream of our coming generations. They need a sleep with dreams not nightmares. Hands that played with toys are now playing with stones of every size in cruel blue sky,  surely waiting for miracle that can transform their lives, and make them capable of tangling themsleves in web of their dreams.

Have we ever thought why us? God wants to test our patience in the method of these calamities and accidents. Or He really want to check our cold bloodedness? Are we really concerned for this state of our nation? Are we really concerned with the state of Muslims throughout the world? Have any one of us contributed in minimizing this negative influence of Muslims across the globe?

The bottomline is "Do we really dream?" Dream for our betterment, or dream to progress a step forward? Even if not for others, but we ourselves as mankind has always taken a step backwards when it comes to the contirbution to make progress towards a better and improved mankind. We should now seriously doubt the invention of the word "MAN-KIND".

With the hope that we all contribute in revival of our dreams and kindness in the word mankind. Few lines that will end this short essay from my diary:

The water in your eye,
Is a raindrop of this cloud
That flew with the wind,
And dropped on my hand
I wish I can hold it,
And close to make a fist
And give away the kisses
And love that lits
The candles of bonding
The light of trust

Godspeed PAKISTAN!

May Allah give us strength to become source of happiness for others. Your dream is always a first step towards hope and happiness!

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