Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Its 1:00 at night, and I'm out of my house
To search my soul, to see my own
I find few people chanting some slogans
They want their rights, they want some more
They holded flags, with no green and star
I wait and stood, to see their zeal
But all the time, never got a feel,
That they have least found their soul, and they are not really at foul

I moved few steps and saw some teens
All moved me seems
The rush in blood was clearly seen
with speeding bikes, with loudly crackers
and some were really trouble makers
They had no esteem, to admire today
Alas! I have to move away

I took some steps, can see a fleet
of child and women who sleep on street
I took a seat very near to a child
Who has to weep, who cannot sleep
He has no home, he has no food
and he was cursing all those who stood
I handed him few coins to pay
But he never saw a toy to play

I reached my house with thoughts so blank
The place was clean, the place was neat
My room, my food and lot I have
My house is sweet, but home all messed
I wished I clean and keep it safe
From all people who are self-obsessed
So yet again we all rejoice
And let this nation hear one voice

"Happy Independence day Pakistan"

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