Monday, June 27, 2011

Where is my patience?

Living in a city of Karachi, is like living on a time bomb that ticks off your patience level on very quick intervals. Yes, “patience” is the word that seems to be missing from our dictionary. We eat fast, we move fast, and if we have an option we may start sleeping fast. 

Ever imagined what are the common things that irritate us most? A slow moving car blocking our way, a lift that stops on every floor, a screaming child who may be in pain, an irritated shopkeeper or your co-worker or a beggar who is continuously knocking on your car window even after your deadly looks? Whatever be; the factors that cause impatience and irritation within us are caused by almost same kind of behavior or action.

Have we ever analyzed the possible reason of being impatient as soon as we get out of this phase of temporary abnormality? What has actually caused this? Why I am getting irritated? And what can I gain out of it in my life? Rarely

From an Islamic perspective; Allah has dedicated one complete Surah in Quran on this subject. Surah-e-Asr that teaches success with patience, equally, with good deeds and preaching Rights. 

So we can say that getting impatient or catching irritation very often is a human deficiency? Answer can be yes! A medical definition of impatience can be a brain's chemical reaction that happens when a body tries to move with the speed of mind, ignoring the environmental constraints. And this applies to everything, starting from daily life pity problems, to lifetime bad experiences. We need to think with our limitations and equally analyze the reactions that may occur if we try to cross our limitations. Making it a habit is difficult but using this trick can do wonders with your personality. The idea is to make this logic part of your unconscious mind, and that surely needs lots of practice.

Another factor of impatience is tied up with your level of anger and your level of expectations. Keep both of them low and your life will flow, in a perfect direction. Surely a greatest wrestler is the one who can control anger well.

With this computer age, the mind surely is moving much faster than it was couple of decades back. The age of computer has helped mind take jumps to conclude a problem. Therefore, a kind of complexity enters our mind when the problem is tied up both with your brain and body. Mind reaches to a solution much faster than your body, and while in the course of exceeding our physical limitation we catch irritation.

A good example is a sleeping body and sleeping mind; a state when a person can never get impatient, until and unless one is having a bad dream or a nightmare.

May you have a day full of life today and forever!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Childhood - Freedom of thoughts!

I can say blue color, green. I can even call cat, a cow. I can shit in my pants, and I can even jump on my bed so high that I would want to touch the ceiling. Do I really care about it, no! Do I really care about falling down from my bed! No! And this is what we call, freedom of ideas and actions; “A childhood”.

The message that always comes across is “I am not bounded! And I care least if you care about imposing these bindings and restrictions on me”.

Restrictions that always come in a form of; don’t do this and don’t do that. This is not right and this you should dare not try to do again! How many times I have told you not to do this and that! And so on, the list cannot be exhausted here.

A child brain is an un-programmed machine with all the open conditions/ statements. All true and false conditions are programmed by the us as adults. When we restrict a child, it would mean that condition is being declared false, and the code within this condition will never get executed. So we are actually binding them with our own ideology and their freedom to think big and unique. On top of it the dumb 30 x 30 inch machine, the only thing that we can listen to (with 100% focus and attention) makes a toping of corrupted programs and bad variables part of their brain algorithm. And the exposure to this talking devices to child is only to get rid of these small, cute creatures for some moments of your day.

I believe lateral thinking, an indirect and creative approach of thought process, is something that happens with the child for the initial 3-4 years. Soon, after we start programming a child, with institutes and devices around us the questions of 4+ year child start to become more logical. It’s the diversion age where the child thought process becomes more of a logic and reasoning based. And we as parents are relieved, “Thanks God! He has now stop asking me weird questions, and now sounds more logical”.

We as adults should start thinking now, where we should start drawing this logical line. There are few things where we as adults should let the child do and not impose our conditional statements; let the child think on this own, let them think big, let them find the answers of weird queries, and most importantly, let them make the most out of their life!

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