Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Honked on a Red light

So, you have been honked on red light. What was the first thing that you did when someone did that to you. You may have cursed the person, giving a look at him from your back view mirror. This is a normal reaction. You can really wish that you get out of your car and teach that person a good lesson.

A while back I was with one of our African customer in Dubai, whom had been a great person of hospitality. Being customer he took the front seat with the driver. We were going in a cab and the cab driver honked on a car in front of him on red signal light. The African guy stared at him and asked him the reason to honk on the red light. He said, “You should really not do that, this is not good”. Two lessons that I got from that person; first was the lesson of ethics; second was his openness to say wrong to something that is wrong.

He then narrated story to us and cab driver. A woman driver in US honked to a guy on red light. The guy came out of the car, with a gun in his hand. Woman spotted the gun, took out her gun and shot the man first. The Woman was taken to the court; where she said that she shot the man for self-defense. Because if she shouldn’t have killed him; the guy must have killed her. The court released her without any charges.

This is one aspect when we are on road. The other aspect is; how many times we have been honked in our practical life to move even though we cannot move on a red light. People will honk to you even on the no-go lights or road blocks to move ahead of you. People will try to frustrate you, because they don’t see red traffic light stopping them, they actually see only your car blocking there way. There small vision causes problem for everyone around them. So if you are ever honked, the only 3 options are either not to drive, be patient, or give the person a real lesson.

The strength to say a wrong thing wrong is really a matter of courage. Only great people can understand ethics; give respect and criticize on what need to be criticized.

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