Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Water of Deceive

I am still not rusty,
But just a little crispy,
From the water of deceive,
I drank from this world

It was all clean and very clear,
as I looked into the round glass,
Reflection so pure, looked so charming
And the touch on the lip very refreshing

Suddenly I found that I have drank it all,
Making me more thirsty, with eyes still sore,
My mind go shut, unable to think,
The H2O worked, completely unnoticed

This is how it usually cheats, looks so sweet, looks so neat,
As a nation, yet, we are deceived with thoughts,
We are deceived with cult, we are deceived with culture
I pray to god, to bring us to senses,
To help us awake from the waters of deceives

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jannat bhara ghar

Meray Chaar bachay, Aik pyari see biwi,
Yeah bachay nahee hay, Yeah biwi nahee hay,
Magar phir yeah hooron say bhee kum nahee hain,
Kisi kay yeah ansoo wajah say nahee,
Kisi kee hansee ka badal bhee nahee,
Kabhee yun hee izhar may cheekh parna,
Kabhee sar may unglee aur baloon ka milna,
Yeah Kapray na milna, aur homework kee tension,
Woh khana pakanay ka mushkil sawal,
Meray hee jawaboon par mujh ko sunana,
Phir maasi kee tension buhat hee niralee,
Phir us ka na aana aur pochay lagaana,
Weekend par meray hee haathon kay anday,
Meray hee pakey aur jalay say parathay,
Yeah sub hay tou may hun, yeah sub hay tou tum ho,
Kay Izhar ka waqt milta nahee,
Tumhay chahnay ka waqt milta nahee,
Magar yeah samajh lo,
Meri har nazar aur meri muskarahat,
Tumhay chahtee hay, tumhay maantee hay,
Kay Dunya may Jannat bhara ghar yahee hay

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Heart

My heart went out in the morning, with crying eyes,
The hands that waved at me, the touch that was always magical,
I can feel those little fingers, making waves in my thin white hairs,
These fingers that plucked my pains, erased tiredness,
Is lost in this cruel, relentless world of wild animals......


Sunday, July 14, 2013


Stars descend to my home in this night,
Moon envied, 
Clouds bit shocked,
Sun perplexed,
Sky bit dimmed,
It's all because,
I have the treasure,
Buried in the soil of my heart,
They must have come,
To see it around,
To look how it shines, 
To see how it glows
And yes it does glow, 
Shinier than stars, 
And brighter than sun
It is all priceless, 
And no one can pay
The love for me,
That is hidden in her eyes,
It fills up my heart, 
With all the wealth of this world,
Can all be seen, 
And never can be stolen,
So please go away, 
It's not for you,
For their cuddles are brighter than stars!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Silent World!

This ocean's quietness,
My heart's emptiness, 
That lies with me, 
Seems so subtle,
Looks at unease,
These waves all kinetic,
Makes logic mystic,
Yet, I can feel
The water’s depth
And the numbness of my eyes,
Will never go along,
These eyes will need,
Few drops of emotion,
To make me touch,
The base of this ocean,
And then I can sight,
From the ocean’s eyes,
Which find companions,
In this silent world

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Doggy Project Manager

For a Project Manager human beings do not exists on this planet, rather what they see are dogs. Every stakeholder is ready to take a bite of your flesh, until and unless they are satisfied that they have eaten enough meat and drank enough blood to their satisfaction. And since you see everyone as a dog, you always get treatment like dogs. Wait, sit, drink and go are normal instructions that they have to follow. Don't take stress if you are new project manager, you will soon be accustomed to these traditions.

Therefore as a project manager, your first priority should be PROTECTION. How to protect yourself from external and internal blows? Get things done at the right time. A project manager is always caught if he has not done his homework before the meeting. He needs to understand the audience, and then be prepared on what is going to come to him, and what should be the answers. A lazy project manager is therefore a doggy project manager. He himself is inviting people to treat him like one! Self-protection is one aspect, second is to protect your team. And the second aspect is more dangerous. Because if the customer bites your team member; than the rest of the members, technical lead, CTO and customer will get a good taste of your flesh.

Second and most important, is to understand the requirements of your boss's boss. The message that comes through hierarchy has least reach-ability. And this is common in organizations. So every time you get exposed to management, you start giving a look of a monkey trying to only grab couple of bananas, out of the bunch hanging on the tree. So be smart and play smart. Your CEO is also a monkey; it is just that he wants to see many bananas on the table. The more the bananas the bigger the dollar sign in your CEO eyes, and better you are as a project manager

And then who forgets documentation? You are right, only the doggy project manager forgets to document the commitments. So if you want to live a life of a lion, then document critical decisions during project execution. Humans; be it in business or professional services; are biggest liars. And they would never want to let go any chance to manipulate.

Lastly it is the personal life of project managers. Due to their intense experience on the field, they gradually become skilled liars. They normally put lags, and use delay tactics in their personal life. They know how to manage expectations in some way or the other, so the personal life of project manager is normally balanced, and far better than their technical counterparts. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If only I can try: Vote for yourself

Don't let it go, don't let the hope die
Please then not blame, and then don't cry
For all that may be done in next few years
It's what we yearned, and never realized
That just one stamp, and just one vote
Could have bought fortune, may have bought luck
And this may not end, if we do not wish
As destiny is in our hands, so please don't hush
Let evil make exit from our lives and home
And let them know, this lands' not for them
Let's hope for a sunshine, without any clouds
Our soul be free, and will be untied,
From fear, from despair of all we have lost
The true essence of a word that is called Freedom
That we once celebrated with harmony and joy
With peace in sand and an affectionate sky
Will soon touch my home, if only I can try

Water of Deceive

I am still not rusty, But just a little crispy, From the water of deceive, I drank from this world It was all clean and very clear, a...