Sunday, January 27, 2013

The War!

The War!

I am having a war with my internal self
Its a war of status; its a fight for stand
It defines my grade; it sets my goals
Since, always for me, it matters the most

My watch should be TAG, but my life is short
It matters when I die, I am wearing such a strap
And people should beware, a great man has died
As even in his last times, he is wearing his TAG

My clothes from designers, and my boots hand made
The perfume always branded, my socks all matched
I walk with a pride, with all I have achieved
And rest all have failed, its me whom succeed

But a time will come, when you will be deprived
The time on your band will stop for you!
And you would think with so much regret
There was something important, I always forget

This war was stupid without any goals
It wasn't my watch and it was not my clothes
Its neither my glasses and nor my boots
The time was all wasted, and I am near to my end

Alas! this war, has come to an end
Its dark in here, as my deeds can only enlighten
For I have always struggled of what can be seen
But it was deeds of the others, the precious unseen!

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