Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Organizational Leadership

Trendsetters, visionaries, executive associate or a managerial helper may be the words that can represent leaders. In all the cases the message conveyed is simple and that is thinking collectively rather than working and striving as an individual. An old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life time”. My version would be like, “MISSION to serve a necessity of life with a VISION that will move on to the GENERATIONS”. So leadership is to regenerate or stimulate an environment that will facilitate the best among us. Sharing, Inspiring and Facilitating are therefore the core circles where the leaders can be found.

Most of the times people comment on a person being a borne leader. Truly speaking, there is no borne leader, as such. This idea may differ from person to person. I believe that the environment and challenges around; makes a leader out of someone. In this world of high class professionals full of IT and financial gurus, leaders normally foster conditionally on the air of their surroundings. They really want to do right things, rather than trying to do things right. The general industry perception these days is that we as individuals are just bind to do things correctly. These “things” may come to a leader in the form of company norms, processes and procedures. Therefore we are actually depriving a prospect leader to think out of the box. We want them to do things that we want them to do. Rather than trying to create a space for them to do things with a leadership approach.

Depending on what area you are serving, the leader’s behaviors vary. A cricket captain may like an aggressive approach yelling and bucking his team with a supportive attitude. An IT leader may have a separate agenda for his followers, adapting flexibility in the behavior as per the situation and need of time. Whatever be, the followers look towards leaders as teachers and mentors. So, why a follower should be looking at a leader for directions? And why should a follower trust on the guidelines of the leader? The answer to both the questions is in the leader and follower relationship that cannot be formed through a swing of a wand. It does not happen like husband and wife relationship, you sign a legal document and here you go. It actually requires true leadership where your vision is being respected and honored by the followers, as it serves the benefit of an individual, society and an organization. And at times it may need sacrificing your own part (as a leader) for others (followers). Bill gates and Steve jobs can be perfect examples. Both have given this world a technology advancement that has created new opportunities for people all around the globe.

If you take example of our most beloved prophet then you can find leader in him in the form of a servant, a leader, a preacher and a follower. It is not that he was always looked for advice; but he himself has always looked towards his best people to make the best decisions as a true leader.

Therefore true organizational leader is one who:
  • Thinks on a larger perspective, always keeping the VISION of the group in front of his actions and ideas. Shows a direction such that people are compelled to do a task for their own benefit
  • Takes opinion
  • Set examples
  • Innovates and creates new optimized processes
  • Increases efficiency
  • Motivates you to work (rather than forcing you)
  • Thinks collectively
  • Always find maximum benefits for others and then (rarely) look for himself on leftovers

In short, becoming leader needs true courage and effort. There are lots of other attribute that may have been missed out in order to praise a leader, a person of true INSPIRATION. It’s a matter of creating a purpose out of your life from the valleys of challenges, difficulties and opportunities. To reach a pinnacle you may have to pass through various valleys of despair. It’s a basic A.I. algorithm to reach new heights.

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