Sunday, April 22, 2012

A reason to smile

"Dedicated to all who were effected from an unfortunate plane crash in ISB on 22 Apr 12"

The world is so beautiful, can’t be without you

And sky yet so blue, cloudless, tear less and still so fearless

Can’t understand, how these tears, fall for you
Seems my eyes, still waiting for you

Yet I know, you were the reason of joy
For all those whom you have left behind

What happened was unfortunate, yes it was sad
But more it left were fearful hearts

Hearts that have hopes, a wish for a morning
Never even knowing of these knockless doors

The doors won't open for these are sealed

But I hope and wish for colourful windows

That will soon open and make you wild

And bring you back in the world that showers
Happiness, love and a reason to smile

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