Sunday, July 14, 2013


Stars descend to my home in this night,
Moon envied, 
Clouds bit shocked,
Sun perplexed,
Sky bit dimmed,
It's all because,
I have the treasure,
Buried in the soil of my heart,
They must have come,
To see it around,
To look how it shines, 
To see how it glows
And yes it does glow, 
Shinier than stars, 
And brighter than sun
It is all priceless, 
And no one can pay
The love for me,
That is hidden in her eyes,
It fills up my heart, 
With all the wealth of this world,
Can all be seen, 
And never can be stolen,
So please go away, 
It's not for you,
For their cuddles are brighter than stars!

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